Develop Your Online Presence & Own Your Web Domain (A202DMLL) is a new optional undegraduate module at Coventry University, offered by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab in connection with the Coventry.Domains initiative.

The aim of the module is to help students develop essential digital skills and competences that will enable them to critically manage and strategically plan their online presence, both as competent professionals and engaged citizens.

The module provides students with an opportunity to create their own web domain (i.e. personal website), but the emphasis is not on technical aspects and no prior knowledge is required. Special attention is paid to the principles and practical considerations underpinning the idea of building an online presence around a domain of one’s own.

Learning is primarily based on a hands-on and student-led approach, utilising the construction and management of students’ own domains as a starting point to enable them to practically explore a range of tools and perspectives on web literacy, online publishing and digital practices and cultures at large.

Intended Module Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

  1. demonstrate the ability to plan and create their own website as a core part of a wider personal learning environment.
  2. apply key non-technical digital skills relevant to work and life in contemporary societies (e.g. efficiently navigate, retrieve, distribute and understand information) within their own learning practice.
  3. defend the benefits of having control and ownership of one’s own online presence by developing a domain of one’s own.
  4. critically evaluate the work of peers and give constructive feedback.

Indicative Content

  • Supporting students in reflecting and gaining awareness of their levels of digital expertise.
  • Conducting an inventory of relevant applications and platforms being used by students and understanding the implications of their use.
  • Reflecting on current online practices, exploring issues of ownership, copyright and privacy.
  • Learning how to build and manage a personal domain.
  • Assessing one’s own work and the work of others, learning how to do constructive peer-review.